Who We Are

Welcome to Integrate Yourself!
We live in a highly competitive world. Technology has leapfrogged, from its once confined walls, into our daily lives. The gadgets in our hands are a testimony to it. Business has grown tremendously after marrying with the technology. Technology is on its way maximizing the business productivity. Such a revolution in the business was a thing not to be thought about in the past. This shows how business, from being dormant, has sprung to life after meeting with technology. This union, of business and technology, has pushed organizations to another level where they just focus their efforts on delivering the services to the customers while trying to meet their expectations. This has resulted in the growth of complex business environments affecting our working lives directly. The complexity in the workplace is not just restricted to the borders of business organizations alone. However, it is present in any workplace around us – be it education, health care, etc.

How do we tame the complexity in our workplaces?
We bring in people with professional and technical skills to deal with the complexity of the workplaces. Every workplace identifies its own key professional skills. For instance, an English teacher must be equipped with the required skills to teach English in a school, an eye doctor must have the skills to treat eyes of a patient, a network engineer must have the skill set of putting up a network in a company and a composer must have the abilities to compose music. These professionals, with their capabilities, key in their efforts to challenge the workplace complexity. Are these professional and/or technical skills alone required to bring the complexity of our workplaces under control?

A workplace is composed of many individuals. These individuals have to interact with one another and others to deliver the required service to the customers. When there is interaction there is exchange of data, information, knowledge, wisdom along with emotions and thoughts amongst the individuals. It is their interdependence that determines the quality of service they deliver. The better they interact the better will be the quality of service they deliver. The science of dealing with the ‘interactions of individuals’ is what is described as ‘Soft skills’.

Technical skills of a profession do not engrave professionals into being honest, respectable, and responsible beings.

How would a workplace appear if Soft skills of individuals are covered under a tight lid while letting professional and/or technical skills alone dictate the functioning of a company? There would be no interaction between the individuals of a workplace. Viola! It means the workplace would be with no communication, no time management, no listening, no team, and the list goes on the trot. Would the company deliver its service? The company would soon land up in greater strife and finally will fade into the sunset. Therefore, it is Soft skills that tame the complexity of a workplace and fosters the growth and quality delivery of a service to the customers.

No technical skills of the world prepare the professionals about how to understand themselves and others. Technical skills, of any profession, do not engrave professionals into being honest, respectable, responsible beings. That is where Soft skills come in and fixes the technical skills with their capabilities and polish the professionals to become assets for the society.

Integrate Yourself is primarily a training company that helps diversified workplaces, ranging from corporates, mid-sized enterprises to educational institutes, in cultivating the right doses of behavioral aspects on their shores, integrates them with the existing professional and/or technical skills and uplifts the workplace with the strong pillars of efficiency and effectiveness by instilling the high performance culture. Our methodology shows the improved and measured results in the behavioral aspects at the workplace that will directly maximize the workplace productivity and drives the business to the path of revenues and profits. Our solutions turn the workplace to an environment ripe to breed "Empower and Engage to Evolve" where each individual will get empowered with the skills that directly help them first to engage and finally to evolve.