Motivation: An ingredient in all of us!

By Saira Nikhat Imam on Tuesday, Mar 22, 2016

You have just finished your dayís work. You are tired. The couch in the room, at home, is luring you to curl yourself up on it to watch a movie. And you donít fall to the lures of the softness of the couch instead you rush to the gym and start workout. You are on a diet plan. Your coworker or colleague offers you a big candy. The taste buds on your tongue light up to the fragrance of the sugary candy. You politely decline it. Voila! You donít fall easy prey to the temptation of the mighty taste buds. Your exams are few days away. You have started studying for them. Your siblings are watching world cup soccer matches live. The dazzles of watching the soccer matches live have started making inroads into your thoughts. You quell the hostile attack of such thoughts and turn the tide against them by thinking of getting good grade on the result day and the feeling that it will bring. You donít leave your study room and keep studying. You are given a project with tough deadlines. You donít complain but start working on a project with a smile. You work hard, give your best shot and meet the deadlines.

All of us, mostly, go through the arduous struggle of being on the job hunt at certain stages of our lives. Isnít? Being on job hunt invites us on the road full with bumps of rejections. Sometimes this road stretches and seems to have no end. Some relinquish their walk on this uncomfortable road of rejections whereas others keep going even when the odds are against them.

In all these situations there is something that gets you going. Isnít? That what gets you going is what we call Ďmotivationí. Motivation is an extra push that drives you to achieve something. Driving you achieve something makes motivation a crucial journey between setting and attaining goals.

Sachin Tendulkar, a legendary Indian batsman, touched the pinnacles of grace. The world is witnessing the sheer brilliance of Lionel Messi on the soccer fields. Sania Mirza, a star tennis player of India, is on her uphill ride for many years. She has now kissed the feat of being the world No. 1 in women's doubles. The achievements of Serena Williams, No. 1 in women's singles tennis, need no mention. All accomplishments of these stars would have never possible without motivation Ė a journey to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

We live in different versions of our world starting from kindergarten to schools, colleges, universities and finally lands up onto the stage of work Ė job, business, etc. These versions are basically the developmental stages that we undergo right from the cradle of our mothers to the point when we breathe our final volumes of oxygen. Each version of our world is different from others. No version of our world is a smooth garden walk. Each version is laden with constraints and problems. To add to those woes there is no single way in our world that would define success.

The beauty of our human world is that each human is different and each humanís success is different. It means the identity of each one of us is unique.

Where does it lead to us?

It pushes you to think that since you are a unique in the world you must forge your own path in each version of the world you live in. As said earlier that there is no single formula to success therefore, you got to set goals and start working achieve those goals. This journey of achieving goals is not a cake-walk at all. It needs a hell lot of effort, sweat, pain and hard work. And doing so, by very nature of it, makes one rusty and tired. However, there is a force that is ingrained in all of us, the humans. It is this force that pushes our tiredness to the fringes and propels us to keep working for our goals. This force that is an ingredient in all of us is nothing but motivation. And you just need to find the ways that motivate you.

Are you working at a low wages job? Is your business not doing well? You donít need to feel disillusioned and lost. Just set a goal for a better workplace or business environment, start your journey for it and above all motivate yourself to achieve the goal. J.K. Rowling, author of fantasy novel Harry Potter, was living as a single mother on the benefits from British Government. She was not having even a job. However, she set goals and her motivation drove her to what she is today.

Are you rejected by many employers? Are your business proposals not getting through? Donít feel disheartened and tired. Kick off your tiredness. Keep moving and keep yourself motivated. Stephen King, the renowned writer, wrote an early draft of his first novel. However, after feeling discouraged with the draft he threw it into a garbage bin. His wife could not resist it. She picked up the draft from the garbage bin and motivated Stephen to finish it. Today Stephen Kingís books have crossed the limit of 350 million copies and have earned title of the most successful writer of our time.

Are your friends or colleagues more successful? Kick off all the negativity. Donítí get sidetracked by the success of other people. Just focus on yourself and your goals. Keep the motivation in you kicking and soon you will taste the sweetness of your own success.

Working for the goals you have set requires sheer effort. There can be a bad run in doing so. It can be discouraging when you are in not-so-good circumstances. You need a little push or motivation from time-to-time in order to keep things moving. Success will crown your efforts with a feeling of relief and pride.

Stay Motivated!

This article first appeared in the December 2015 edition of 'SME WORLDí magazine.


Saira Nikhat Imam, a Soft skills trainer by profession, is an enthusiast to create a niche for her in the corporate landscape. She is a dreamer and wants women pursue their dreams in all subjects.

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Motivation: An ingredient in all of us!

You have just finished your dayís work. You are tired. The couch in the room, at home, is luring you to curl yourself up on it to watch a movie. And you donít fall to the lures of the softness of the couch instead you rush to the gym and start workout.

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